Saturday, February 14, 2009

Facebook or Face-to-Face? What works for you ?

Face-to-Face Networks vs Facebook 'Friends'. Wired Magazine's Clive Thomson explores the difference between face-to-face personal networks and social networking such as Facebook and Linked In.  Your thoughts on what Clive has to say. What has your experience been? What percentage of your networking time is social networking (online) versus meeting with people in person? 
Darcy Rezac

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chuffed said...

I think that professional online networks liked LinkedIn and social networks like Facebook are good adjuncts to face to face networks, and they can be useful vehicles to keep weak ties alive, but they cannot replace actual in person relationship development. I think of these mediums as a way to keep the connections in place in between the personal contact.

Darcy Rezac said...

Thanks, Chuffed

kacob said...

I think connecting with people face-to-face is the best way. However, in today's day and age, with so many demands on our time, it is not always possible. Work, family, hobbies, volunteer, don't always allow us the freedom to see people face to face.

I usually won't add someone to my Linkedin or Facebook unless I've met them first.

I do however think that e-mail, Facebook, Linkedin are great mediums to keep in touch with people between face to face meetings, b/c it gives the recipient time to reply on their own time. However, I don't think enough people make the effort to meet face to face and tend to rely on those other mediums almost exclusively. Body language, tone and emotion tend to get lost in electronic messages.

Margaret said...

Amongest all the advancement of the technology with email, facebook, iphone, ipod, blackberry, and laptop, nothing can replace people. That's why we are unique and special. Our smiles bring warmth and comfort to people. Our word touch people's lives. Technology can make our lives a bit easier, but it doesn't necessary make our lives better. I am a huge fan of personal positive network; as the matter of fact, as I started my Real Estate career 7 years ago, I have always committed in writing hand-written notes, thank you cards and I hand-write every single envelope everytime I send out newsletter, and invitation to events. Darcy, Gale & Judy, thank you for everything you share with us! Margaret

Gayle Hallgren-Rezac said...

Thanks Margret and Kacob,
Good, helpful comments. How did you like the Shepa Circle on Wednesday at the Segal Centre, SFU?
Want to post a comment on the article above and share one or two things you think might be helpful to others on what was discussed?
Have a great safe weekend.

Grayden Hayward Corporate Secretary The Rix Center For Corporate Citizenship said...

The great thing about your network is that we are always learning from you and you from us. The personal face to face is difficult to surpass but added steps and new approaches will never be a waste and will complememt the face to face and probably become an essential part of maintaining and growing our networks. You are a pathfinder.

Grayden Hayward Corprorate Secretary The Rix Center For Corporate Citizenship said...

After spending hours linking from your sites I ended with Death by Internet. Maybe I should have started there! Now I must go to a Vancouver Board of Trade event to add those hours back to my life expectancy. It was a very interesting piece.