Saturday, October 31, 2009

2010 Olympic Torch Relay

October 31, 2009. Had an amazing experience today, got to carry the Olympic torch as part of the most amazing relay (see graphic of the route above.) This is Logistics Extraordinaire. I went to Vancouver Island and my portion of the relay, on ths beautiful autumn day, was through the charming town of Duncan. It was all a bit surreal. Since it was Halloween our white outfits kind of fit in with the street scene--little ghosts, globlins, witches, frogs walking up and down the street trick or treating with all the merchants. We were the fire-carrying snowmen and women...

The torch is pretty sleek, and it has some weight. What was amazing was how excited people were to hold the torch, and have their picture taken with it. It was very touching to see the excitement, so one can only imagine what will happen when the games start.
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