Saturday, June 27, 2009

RE: The Truth About Stories...from Merlin the Magician

received this wonderful email from one of our members after a Board of Trade presentation Gayle and Judy did earlier this year.  It is good stuff...Darcy
Hello Darcy! 
I enjoyed the presentation last night on networking and storytelling. The following remarks from Thomas King 's Massey Lecture Series in 2003-2004  "The Truth About Stories" may be of help to those in your future audiences trying to tell their own story. For 5 wonderful hours Mr. King discussed storytelling and stories. He remarked about the ephemeral nature of our stories. Archived material is just as tenuous as Oral traditions. There is no permanence. The remarks Mr King made that are relevant to your talk are in the following thoughts.

Everything we do is an act of storytelling. We are constantly telling stories. A few examples: We plead with traffic or parking officers, judges in court; our bosses about tardiness; our children about their whereabouts or actions, etc,. It is all an active act of storytelling.  Mr. King summed up his lecture as follows:
    "The Truth about stories is;
     that stories are all that we have,
     because stories are all that we are."    
   Thomas King
Hope you find that useful. As a performing artist and entertainer, I certainly do find that useful. The CBC store may have a copy of these lectures which were broadcast on the "IDEAS" program in 2004.

Kindest Regards,
"The Most Trusted Name in Magic!"
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