Monday, April 27, 2009

Connecting For the Summertime.

Here are ten positive networking tips from Gayle, Judy and I to help you connect in the Summertime:

1. In the next 30 days reconnect with 10 “weak links”, those people who have dropped off your radar screen, folks you knew in high school or university. Can’t find them? Do a Google search or try LinkedIn.

2. In the next 30 days make a point of learning the names of all the people you come into contact with regularly--if you don’t already do so. Examples: dry cleaner, parking lot attendant, barista, grocery store clerk. Can you also learn something about them?

3. Take this challenge and connect with one “famous” person. Perhaps an author you admire or business leader? Send them an email. Make it short, not your life story. Tell us what happened:

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