Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Angus Reid Strategies sees Crime Soar as Issue

What is the most important issue facing British Columbia? 

                                                British Columbia            Metro Vancouver

Economy                                                 36%                                  34%
Crime / Public Safety                            19%                                  25%
Drug Traffic / Drug Use                        5%                                    4%
Health Care                                              8%
Environment                                            5%
Education                                                 2%
Angus Reid Strategies poll 20/22 March 2009
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1 comment:

Dom Darche said...


This rise to the top of the issues poll in BC is a dramatic and significant change. It is clear crime is an election issue. This issue has to be treated as a national emergency and new and substantial emergency funding is required. A TEN FIGURE injection of funds by the province, equally split between: prevention, addictions and mental illness treatment AND police, prisons and prosecutors is required. And, it is needed now. Suggest it be considered a stimulus measure for 3 years then funded as a small fractional increase in PST, if necessary. Should be matched next budget by the feds.