Saturday, February 28, 2009

LEADERSHIP: Peter Senge Speaks at Vancouver Board of Trade 26 Feb by Terry Hadley

Senge used a diagram of "Paul's wedding cake" to illustrate his point at a half-day workshop session sponsored by BC Hydro and in cooperation with the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. He showed how any country's economy, often considered a leader's number-one concern, is dependant on that state's sociology and ecology. It cannot exist without the other two. Simply looking at the economy does not answer the fundamental questions: What's the purpose? What's the aim? What's important to us as a society? Speaking on his new book, The Necessary Revolution, Senge said the economy is "the science of effective or efficient allocation of resources,"and has nothing to say about what is really important to us, or our survival.
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Outstanding event, lots of positive, great feedback.
Senge is one of the great leadership philosophers of our day. The Board was fortunate to have him as a guest. In his new book, 'The Necessary Revolution,' he has a great line on reality, "gravity is not just a good idea, it is the law."

tyamdm said...

tyamdm@DarcyRezac. Enjoyed your Senge blog post. Kept up with all the tweets about his presentation. Pretty good stuff..(from Twitter).